Born on January 24, I am a 90s Aquarian and I don’t think there is a better combo than that! Kidding! I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Writing has been a passion of mine since I developed the ability to hold a pencil and my life has revolved around creating content ever since. It has taught me to dream with my eyes open.

From a very young age, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach English Language. I loved working with words. The day I discovered that writing could grow into something more than just a passion was when my student received a beaming A in his O’Levels. It was right there, the only A in the entire certificate.
In 2013, I worked as a Feature Writer in Star Lifestyle, a weekly supplication of The Daily Star. Working in my favourite magazine of all time was a surreal experience. I hadn’t slept the night before my first article was published. To see my name on the byline below a piece of article that I had put together, alphabet by alphabet, was one of the rare moments my heart filled with immense pride. Though brief, but my journey working with Star Lifestyle was nothing short of amazing.

In 2016, I joined one of the country’s leading digital marketing agencies, Magnito Digital. I joined as an Intern aiming to leave with a certificate three months later. Thirty months and a lifetime of invaluable knowledge later, I signed off as Content Executive. During these two and half years, I explored the magical world of creating content, worked with distinguished local and international brands and left a tiny, almost unnoticeable mark in the world of Digital Marketing.

I have been truly blessed to have been able to work around something that never felt like work. Hence, I continue to do what I was born to do – write and spread love!