Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you find Mother’s Day overrated? I don’t. Yeah yeah, I know how some of you feel like it’s a well planned marketing scheme for the flower industry or that Mothers should be celebrated all year round but, be honest here, do we really do that? Do we actually go out of our ways everyday to make her feel special? In most cases, we don’t. So, go ahead and pamper your Mama Bear next Sunday (May 12, 2019) because she deserves all the love in the world!

It can be quite tricky to get gifts for the woman who not only gave birth to you but raised you to be such a wonderful human being (if you are reading this, know that you ARE wonderful!). Besides store-bought gifts, I have always tried to incorporate something personal, something that speaks of me. So here is a list of ideas that can help you sort out your Mother’s Day gift dilemma.

  • Homemade Breakfast/Iftar/Sehri – I remember trying this idea a few years back. Stayed up all night and baked her pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was not my best that day but she was thrilled to wake up to a breakfast specially laid out for her. You could go ahead and wake up an hour early to whip up something as simple as some delicious French Toast. For a fancier option, opt for a grand English Breakfast.
    Be sure to decorate the table with some beautiful pink roses and bring out the finest China that your Mother saves for the big parties!
I accidentally added melted butter instead of softened butter while making the Cream Cheese Frosting. Hence, the runny frosting but it tasted as good, trust me!

Since Mother’s Day is falling in the month of Ramadan this year, Breakfast might not be a suitable option for Muslims. Instead of breakfast, you could easily let your Mom rest while she is fasting and take over the kitchen for Iftar that day. The easiest and healthiest option for an Iftar treat could be a nice big bowl of Chickpea Salad.

  • Early Eid Outfit – Eid – Ul – Fitr is just around the corner so why not save her the shopping trip to her favourite designer and surprise her with an exquisite piece? If your Mom is a saree person, you could check out Ornate by Ona (click the link below) for some delicate Muslin sarees fit for the sweltering summer. My Mom and my personal favourite has always been Rina Latif’s charming collection and I am certainly opting for one of her pieces this year.

Link for Ornate’s Official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ornatedhaka/

  • Scented Candles – Can you ever really go wrong with these? Scented Candles are something a girl can never have enough of and I am personally a sucker for these! Yellow has a wide array of Yankee Candles available or you could also check out Newton’s Archive (click the link below) for some fun and fresh scents.

Link for Newton’s Archive’s Official Facebook page –

  • Plants – I am not aware of a Mom who is not into gardening! Seriously! Amidst the city of bricks and cement, my mother has carefully nested her little space of green tucked into our balconies. You can check out the BRAC nursery opposite to Aarong or the one at Baridhara Residential Area for some nice flower plants. Do consult with the manager there to pick what’s right for the season and suitable for indoors or outdoors, whichever you prefer.
  • High Tea for two – Give your Mom and yourself a break from the deep fried devils for Iftar and arrange a High Tea for the two of you. I don’t know about your mother but mine is addicted to tea. Treat her fancy with a spread of some finger sandwiches, petit fours, mini tarts, macaron and scones accompanied by an extensive range of flavoured teas. If making the entire menu at home becomes difficult for you while fasting, Edith, in Banani 11 or Crumble (click the link below), a popular bakery catering service can be great options to order your food from. Don’t forget to buy some pretty Carnations to match your favourite tea set!

Link for Crumble’s Official Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/crumblebd/

  • Mom Makeover – Our Mummies have been dolling us up since we were born. How about, we turn the tables this year and give them an entire makeover? Take them out for a haircut or a relaxing mani-pedi sesh! Once you’re done with that, go shopping together and pick an outfit for her that you would love to see her sport. Finally, do her makeup, add some pearls (you can NEVER go wrong with some classic pearls!) and voila! Your favourite woman will certainly feel like a Queen that she is!
  • Movie Night – Saved the best for the last! I do not remember the last time my mother had the time to sit back and have a movie marathon. Download her favourite movies in a pendrive, wrap it up and give it to her. You know what’s even better? Sit her down, turn both of your phones to silent, get some popcorn and watch it together. Her favourite movie with her favourite child – what could be better than that?

I really hope these ideas help you make your Mummy Dearest feel extra special on Mother’s Day this year. Honestly, nothing we do will ever be enough for all the sacrifices that she has been making since the day we were born but, it’s the thought that counts. I hope your little gesture of love makes her day brighten up!



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