Things to pack for Umrah (Men Edition)

If you are commencing your journey for Umrah, I would firstly like to congratulate you. I believe, there is nothing more peaceful for a Muslim to visit the Holy Kaaba and surrender to The Almighty. Rest assured that this experience is going to purify every inch of your being and refresh your mind and soul to the core.

As I mentioned in my previous blog (Things to pack for Umrah – Women’s Edition), it is absolutely crucial for one to mentally prepare oneself before assembling other materials. I went an extra mile to delete all my social media apps from my phone and it only benefited me to not get derailed from my Ibaadah. 11 days of Social Media Detox turned out to be more relaxing than I expected. Umrah has been truly an experience of a lifetime for my husband and I, hence I want to save you some time and help you gear up for this wonderful Imaan-boosting journey.

The Packing List for Umrah (Men):

You can also download the Free Printable PDF Checklist I made linked below!

  • Clothes – Being a country of sand deserts, Saudi Arabia has an exceedingly hot weather. Despite it not being humid, the heat is rather scorching. So, you do NOT want to make the mistake of packing wrong when it comes to clothing!
    1. Ihram – Men’s Ihram clothing consists of two plain white pieces of clothes without any seams, hems or buttons. The material is usually cotton or towel material. Please ensure that your Ihram clothes are washed before you wear them. It is best advised to not use too much detergent that might leave a scent in the clothes. The simplicity of the Ihram intends to make everyone appear visually similar. The essence is that everyone is of same value in front of Allah. The top part (rida) is draped over the shoulders and the right shoulder should be exposed ONLY during Tawaaf. The bottom half (izar) is wrapped around the waist. For a clearer understanding, you can watch online tutorials on how to wear Ihram. Covering your head while in Ihram is prohibited.
    2. T- shirt – This is as comfortable as it gets! Cotton T-shirts made up 90% of my husband’s wardrobe for the trip. 8 t-shirts for 10 days will be more than enough for you.
    3. Joggers – To team up with your t-shirts, pack some lightweight comfy joggers. Again, 7-8 joggers for 10 days are good enough!
    4. Panjabi – These could be an alternative to t-shirts. Pack in a couple of breezy cotton Panjabis if you are tired of wearing t-shirts. I packed a Panjabi for the husband to wear on the special occassion of our anniversary.
    5. Underwear – Do not be stingy in this department! You will be needing those boxers or underwears so pack an extra after packing on for each day.
  • Flipflops – the only pair of footwear you’ll need during your entire trip. Some people carry an extra sandal shoe, just in case, but it barely comes to use. Pack light so you can load your luggage with some delicious Dates on your way back! You are encouraged to wear sandals that DO NOT cover the top of your feet and your ankles.
  • Shoes – If you don’t want to be spotted at the airport wearing them Flipflops, you could carry a lightweight casual shoe. My husband took a Navy Blue Loafer made of very soft leather which helped with the weight as well as the parching heat.
  • Sunglasses – You will thank me later for this! I am not kidding when I say that you will absolutely not be able to look straight during afternoon. The sunlight will make it completely impossible to look up from the ground.
  • Sunscreen – If you don’t mind a dusky tan, get a tanning lotion! I know many men are not very prudent when it comes to skincare, but this is more about healthcare than just your skin. The heat is intensely strong there so a Sunscreen is a must!
  • Moisturizer/Body Lotion – The weather is REALLY dry in Saudi Arabia. Slather your body with a good amount of moisturizer everytime you shower there.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • Vaseline – My husband was shocked to see the cracks on his feet just within a couple of days! Your feet will crack in no time as well, so don’t forget to rub on some Vaseline on your feet before you hit the sack. You could also carry crack-cream if you have dry skin.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • A lightweight gym bag – Preferably one with a pocket outside to store your sandals as you have to open your sandals before entering the Mosque.
  • A pair of Scissors – If you are a Mahram to someone on this trip, then you will need a pair to cut her hair to complete her Umrah.
  • Hairbrush/Hair-comb
  • Nail-cutter
  • Toiletries – This includes Shampoo, Shower Gel, Facewash, Moisturizer, Talcum Powder, Deodorant, Perfume, Razor, Toothbrush, Toothpaste Hand Sanitizer.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • Lightweight Prayer Mat – I carried one in my bag the whole time since I did not feel comfortable praying on the floor without it. If you don’t have a lightweight one, you can easily buy one from there. It is widely available and will cost you 10 SR.
  • Safety Pins
  • Medicines – Napa Extra/Tylenol, Imotil/Pepto Bismol, Strepsils, Bandaids, Neobacrin Ointment, Inhaler (for Asthma patients)
  • A mini packet of detergent for clothes.
  • An umbrella (This not necessary if your hotel is very close to the mosque)
  • A couple of plastic bags
  • Mobile Phone charger
  • Headphones and a phone set with radio – to listen to Jumm’a Khutba. Be sure to notice the posters up on the walls of Masjid Al-Haram that describe how to tune in to the right Radio frequency of your preferred language so you can easily understand the Jumm’a Khutba.
  • Passport, Airline tickets, Hotel booking receipt
  • Copies of your Passport and Tickets
  • Umrah Guide Books and Dua books. Do not carry Quran as it is available in the mosques as well as the hotels.
  • Seven-Bead Tasbeeh – To keep count of Tawaaf and Sa’i.
  • A Permanent marker
  • Saudi Riyal/US Dollar – They accept USD in most shops.

These were some of the essential items that made my husband’s Umrah a lot easier for him. It is so important to pack right for any trip and Umrah being more than just a trip abroad, the necessary commodities will surely help your experience be a one to cherish forever!

Don’t forget to download the Free Printable PDF Checklist linked above!



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