Things to pack for Umrah (Women Edition)

Things to pack for Umrah (Women Edition)

Umrah, the soul-refreshing journey, is a dream to many Muslims. My latest trip to Mecca for my first ever Umrah has been truly life-changing for me. I have come back a different person, a person I am happier to be. This piece is for those who are willing to embark upon this journey of a lifetime in the near future. I really hope it helps you to get a clearer idea of how to prepare yourself for Umrah!

If you intend to go for Umrah soon, I would advise you to get your mind prepped before anything else. Besides being physically fit, it is equally crucial to be mentally ready for the pilgrimage.  Umrah has been the most peaceful experience of my 26 years of life. However, I had tried to devote my entire mind and soul to seek that peace. For 11 days, I had cut loose of any distraction that would come in the way of me and my prayers. For starters, I had deleted off all my social media apps from my phone and oh boy, it worked like magic! I hate to admit but I realised how addicted I am to my phone and how much time I suddenly had in my hands.

The Packing List for Umrah (Women):

You can also download the Printable PDF Checklist I made linked below!

  • Clothes – The weather in Mecca is undoubtedly one of the hottest in the world. The heat will make you feel like the sun is just inches above your head! However, the humidity being low, it helps not to feel muggy and sticky.
    1. Abayas should be a staple item in your wardrobe. They are comfortable and easy to wear. I took a combination of cotton and synthetic Abayas. The synthetic ones, surprisingly, did not feel bad at all, considering the extreme heat. They were as comfy as the cotton ones. The synthetic ones were bought from Mecca and the cotton ones were tailor-made from Dhaka. I used ‘cheese-cotton’ from Banani Super Market. Do not opt for too light colours as they might be a little see-through and eventually not serve your purpose of covering up. I made the mistake of taking a white one and had to wear a full-sleeved black t-shirt underneath which was extremely uncomfortable. Be sure to ask your tailor to add elastics to the end of your sleeves instead of buttons as it will be easier for you to do Wudhu. The synthetic ones are very common in Mecca and the good quality ones will cost you around 70 SR to 150 SR. If you are going for 10 days, 7-8 Abayas would be sufficient.
    2. Tights – These are best suited with Abayas. For 10 days, 5-6 cotton black tights would do the work.
    3. Cotton Kameez – This could be an alternative to Abayas. Make sure they are really long, loosely-fitted and are paired with palazzos.
    4. Hijab – Being inexperienced in this sphere, I was quite worried about my Hijab. By Allah’s grace, everything worked out well with the 5 head caps, 2 readymade one-piece hijabs and 5 hijab scarves that I took. Do carry an extra hijab (one-piece, head-cut-out ones) if you are not a pro at wearing a scarf hijab in seconds.
    5. Underwear – Do not be stingy in this department! Take a pair of bra and panty for each day, if not an extra.
    6. Tank top – Absolutely necessary. I wore tank tops with all my Abayas, regardless of how dark the colour or opaque the material was. 8 tank tops for 10 days would do the trick.
  • Flipflops – the only pair of footwear you’ll need during your entire trip. Although, I carried an extra pair of sandal, I barely got to take a break from my Havaianas.
  • Sunglasses – You will thank me later for this! I am not kidding when I say that you will absolutely not be able to look straight during afternoon. The sunlight will make it completely impossible to look up from the ground.
  • Sunscreen – I did my first Tawaaf after Zuhr under the scorching sun. When I came back home, my forehead and nose were Grey in colour, I kid you not! Sunscreen is a must!
  • Moisturizer/Body Lotion – The weather is REALLY dry in Saudi Arabia. Slather your body with a good amount of moisturizer everytime you shower there.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • Vaseline – My lips were chapped by the end of Day-1 and since then, Vaseline became my best friend. Your feet will crack in no time as well, so don’t forget to rub on some Vaseline on your feet before you hit the sack. You could also carry crack-cream if you have dry skin.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • A lightweight gym bag – Preferably one with a pocket outside to store your sandals as you have to open your sandals before entering the Mosque.
  • A pair of Scissors for your Mahram to cut your hair to complete your Umrah.
  • Hair ties and Jumbo Bobby pins
  • Hairbrush
  • Toiletries – This includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Facewash, Face Scrub, Toner, Moisturizer, Talcum Powder, Perfume, Cotton Pads, Toothbrush, Toothpaste Hand Sanitizer. Extras – Wet wipes, Sheet face masks, Roll-on Deodorant.
    *All products must be UNSCENTED when in Ihram.
  • Lightweight Prayer Mat – I carried one in my bag the whole time since I did not feel comfortable praying on the floor without it. If you don’t have a lightweight one, you can easily buy one from there. It is widely available and will cost you 10 SR.
  • Safety Pins
  • Medicines – Napa Extra/Tylenol, Imotil/Pepto Bismol, Strepsils, Bandaids, Neobacrin Ointment, Inhaler (for Asthma patients)
  • A mini packet of detergent for clothes.
  • An umbrella (This not necessary if your hotel is very close to the mosque)
  • A couple of plastic bags
  • Mobile Phone charger
  • Headphones and a phone set with radio – to listen to Jumm’a Khutba
  • Passport, Airline tickets, Hotel booking receipt
  • Copies of your Passport and Tickets
  • Umrah Guide Books and Dua books. Do not carry Quran as it is available in the mosques as well as the hotels.
  • Seven-Bead Tasbeeh – To keep count of Tawaaf and Sa’i.
  • A Permanent marker
  • Saudi Riyal/US Dollar – They accept USD in most shops.

These were some of the essential items that made my Umrah a lot easier for me. It is so important to pack right for any trip and Umrah being more than just a trip abroad, the necessary commodities will surely help your experience be a one to cherish forever!

Don’t forget to download the Free Printable PDF Checklist linked above!

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