So, now you’re an Instagram blogger too?

So, now you’re an Instagram blogger too?

I used to have an Instagram account with the ID – Zaashabah which I decided to change into the IG account for my blog because of the ID name. Hence, I had to create another account for my personal use and naturally, I followed everyone from the previous account from my new personal account. The moment I sent out the follow requests, my inbox was flooded with the question above.

Instagram blogger. I have worked in the digital marketing industry for years yet I was quite confused about this specific term. As far as my knowledge went, a blogger is someone who writes.
To avoid my confusions, I looked up the meaning of the term ‘blogger’.

Google answered, “A person who REGULARLY WRITES material for a blog.”

Now before you jump to conclusions about what I am trying to point here, there are a few reasons why I decided to write this piece today.

First, I am NOT an Instagram blogger. I am just a blogger, a lifestyle blogger. In case some of you don’t know what that is, a lifestyle blogger is one who shares content that helps people make their everyday lives better. They talk about a rather wide array of topics like beauty, food, fitness, family life, career, mental health, travel etc. I write because I love writing and connecting with like-minded people. In order to do so, I share my content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, the primary platform is and always will be my website where I WRITE blogs.

Second, there is a difference between a blogger, an Instagram blogger and an Instagram influencer. This is so basic and there is such a dire need to shed some light on this topic. A blog is not necessarily a platform where people have to post written content only. A blog can be of photos, videos, music clips or any other multimedia content. For example, Tumblr. It’s a microblogging site where anyone can post anything, like anything they like. Similarly, some people blog on Instagram. Fashion bloggers being more popular here, Instagram is a platform where it is easy for people to share creativity.

Last and most importantly, what’s with all the hate? Why have we become a generation where insecurities and jealousy gets the better of us? Why has it become so difficult for people to encourage creativity? So what if there is a new ‘Instagram influencer’ or ‘makeup artist’ or ‘fashion designer’ coming up every other day? What harm has it caused you? If you don’t like someone’s content or creation, simply unfollow that person.

I always believe that if a person is genuinely creative, their work will grab attention. Period. There are millions of bloggers out there but why should that stop me from pursuing my passion? If I am not a good writer, I will simply not succeed. Until and unless I am replicating someone else’s work or ideas, I think it is absolutely fair for me to chase my dreams.

I am not a full-time blogger and this blog is not my bread and butter. This is my passion, my solace, my escape from all my distress. This is my place of positivity and individuality. I choose not to let in all the negativity, hate and discouragement that has followed the inception of my beautiful space. I will always continue to produce interesting content for those who love to read.



P.S. For a clearer understanding of the difference between a fashion influencer and a blogger, check out the article by Harper’s Bazaar!

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